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About Us!

~Our story~

North Bend Therapeutic Massage began in a small office in North Bend, in 2003. Our goal was to combine our excellent skills as therapists with great customer service to help our patients heal in a comfortable, relaxing and professional environment.

People began hearing about our high quality work and the great results that their friends and co-workers were getting from their treatments, so we decided to expand our office to better serve our growing patient demand. In November of 2006 we relocated to a larger office space right on North Bend Way! We were so excited! As time went on we grew our team into many excellent therapists, and with one vision we were able to grow the business beyond what we thought was possible. After a time we were so successful that even that bigger office was not enough to accommodate our demand! 

In 2014 we had a change of structure in which our plans were re-invented as our therapists developed new visions. Over the next 6 years we grew and adapted and we developed a vision of a new and improved space in a quieter location. This became a reality and in November 2019 we finally started the process of customizing our own space on Main Avenue, right next to the river! We were going to have two amazing locations to serve our community and this was beyond anything we had ever thought possible! We were nearly finished when the 2020 pandemic hit and we shut down temporarily while waiting for things to become “safe”. But we were eager to reopen and use this new space and did so in May 2020 and we hit the ground running. We unfortunately had to leave the North Bend Way office space that had done so much for us over the years due to the effects the pandemic had on our business. Now we are striving to build up to what we envisioned at the beginning and get back to helping our community as much as possible! 

Our pride in our work shows in our professionalism and level of care we provide to our clients. We do everything we can to provide a great experience!