North Bend Therapeutic Massage
Professional Massage Therapy

Services and Rates

We schedule based on time and what ever the client needs with in that time. Whether this is a prenatal massage, a sports related injury, or just a relaxing session, we schedule according your your time preferences. 


  • 60 min session $110
  • 90 min session $160
  • add-ons to your sessions include:
    • CBD infused oil- additional $25
    • cupping - additional $30
    • hot stones- additional $30
    • reflexology- additional $30
    • craniosacral therapy- additional $30
    • intra-oral- additional $30

Our therapists are trained in many different techniques, and you will receive a combination of them during your session. Here are some of the techniques we use most frequently.

Myofascial Massage

There are a few different ways we apply myofascial massage, which can be felt as a firm pressure or a gentle pressure. There is usually little to no oil so as to get the muscles and connective tissue to stretch and lengthen. The effect creates a feeling of more range of motion in the muscles and joints and freer movement.

Trigger Point Therapy

Working on trigger points can cause a feeling of pressure or wide spread pain from the specific “knot”. It often does not actually require deep pressure, but a slow and steady pressure over time to let the body readjust and the muscles fibers stretch and realign.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Lymphatic massage uses a light touch and organized strokes that focus on moving the lymph fluid that can contribute to edema, inflammation and discomfort. A therapist can become fully certified in MLD after an in depth certification course. Most therapists have a basic knowledge of lymphatic massage but not everyone is specialized in MLD.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is characterized by its long flowing strokes, kneading, and friction on more superficial layers of the muscles. It can loosen stiff joints and reduce muscle tension. The therapist uses massage oil or lotion to achieve a glide over the skin so the repetitive moves feel comfortable. The pressure can range from medium to a deeper sensation.

Neurokinetic Therapy

This is a movement method that uses your nervous system and muscles memory patterns to decipher where your body is restricted and what muscles are over working or under working. Once that information is there, the therapist can use massage techniques to move the muscles and fascia and the result is typically less pain and easier movement.

Treatment Massage

Treatment massage does not usually include the full body, but focuses on the affected areas from an injury or chronic posture issues. The techniques used can very from session to session, but the overall focus follows a treatment plan.

Craniosacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy, a gentle, hands-on technique is usually done with a person clothed. As the name indicates this practice places attention on the head (cranium) and low back and pelvis (sacrum), but more specifically addresses the nervous system; and therefore is not limited to only working on the head and spine.

Vibrant Healing Sessions- $130- 60 min in-person session

Everything starts with energy. From an idea, an emotion, the heartbeat or disease. For example, if a person is suffering from chronic tension, addiction, or emotional imbalances, there is an energetic component. Sessions are available in -person or at distance to address, interrupt or neutralize the energy that perpetuates unwanted symptoms and common complaints. This is best for people who understand that they are the key to their own healing, and are looking for support and assistance in making the desired changes.